Class Meeting


The meetings are held after the worship

Connecting, growing and journeying together in discipleship, as we reflect on this one question:

How’s your spiritual life?

Pattern for a one-hour conversation after Church Service at the Orto in case not raining:

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Leader opens conversation by introducing topic
  3. Closing prayer (by anyone who is led to pray)
  4. “Sweet, Sweet Spirit “ song

(Leadership rotates among the participants.)

Let’s talk about:

July 11 Waking: How do you normally wake up?

Your first conscious thoughts and how they shape your day and life.

July 25 Beloved of God: Recalling that you are beloved and a part of God’s people.

Is it hard to believe you are beloved of God? If so, share some of the

obstacles to embracing your identity as beloved.

Aug. 08 Baptism: What do you remember about your baptism? What have you been told.

about it? How has your baptism affected your life and your view of God and


Aug. 22 “We tend to want a Christian life with the dull bits cut out.” (Tish Harrison Warren)

Do you struggle with this comment? If so, how?

Sept. 12 The “ordinary years” of Jesus’ life: What does it mean for our understanding of

God, worship and mission.

Sept. 26 “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” (Annie Dillard)

How do you think about your days and your Christian life?